June 9, 2011

Success at the Premiere

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On 9th june I went to the premiere of Mr Popping Penguins and Super 8. Although i was late for 15 mins for the premiere Popping Penguins my friends managed to get 1 more ticket for me, such good friends even though most did’t turn up. Missed parts of the beginning but it was nevertheless a good movie and i had a good time.We did’t even need the the tickets, the security were more worried about our handphones and camera, such poor management. The excitement did’t come until the premiere of Super 8. While i was pushing people in posh suits and dresses trying to get our handphones which we handed to them before our movie, our other friends from class b1 were at the lobby.Managed to rendevue with them in the insanely huge crowd of people, they told us there were no more tickets for super 8!In fact the B1 got theirs from a kind old lady which miraculously got enough spare tickets for all of them and not us! We had a lot of ineffective negotiations with much of the staff. I could clearly see a stack of tickets in her hand and she refused to give us any and said that these tickets were for those with the bloody coupons!That bitch but she was just doing her job so it’s not her fault, it’s was the management fault! So we stood there looking lost and afraid.Until my friend had a brillant idea of smuggling into the theater. We hesitated a lot of times and i was awfully nervous myself but we got into the que and went with the flow. Judging from the murmurings of other people i could tell they did’t have tickets either which reassured me a little but i was still nervous.Thank god for this fat person infront of me that blocked the usher’s view.We met with the B1 people inside the theater, we were so nervous, all of us were fidgeting and walling aimlessly everywhere pondering on where to seat, Tedd wasn’t helping at all, he come out to us started screaming”GUYS GUY, quick chiok the seats,what are your doing!” he was such a horribly liar, i told him to shut up but just kept on screaming on and on.I could feel the various eyes of ushers upon us, suspecting us of our evil deed, either that or nervousness really heightens up paranoia. I just spontaneously sat at some random seat.We kept on looking around for people that actually have tickets for the seats we took.Not to mention the whole row was practically empty, the management must really suck!One person said loudly”Our seats are there” and we all turned to look only to find that there are seating behind us. Kuan Hui was obsessing about excuses or reasons to say if we get caught, my god that woman was making me more nervous than i already am but honestly the worst that can happen is we get kicked out, its not like we will go to jail! The lights darkened and i finally felt at peace.Success!


June 2, 2011

Food across nations

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Food is universal, i heard a quote that the way to a person heart is his stomach! I think that Chefs and food lovers all around the world can moderately understand other cultures.Chefs, well wealthy ones with world class reputations that can afford it,cross to other nations to wholly immerse themselves in other races culture to improve themselves.You do not see that in many other professions. Food varies very differently in other countries and honestly i think it is the best way to connect with people on any level. Did you know the only department in Military of all nations that are on well terms with each other is the department that covers rations!! Their department is the only one that shares all of it’s information with one another than any other. Chefs across nations respect each other, they are in awe of each others ingenius use of spices, meat or vegetables and in many countries food is deeply rooted into their cultures and tradition, they indirectly learn about each other and their people and their country when they learn about their food.It is racist in a way but probably not in a bad sense since the food is the frist and very important impression to a foreigner. Since all men and woman know hunger on some level they know the importance of food and the joy it brings! Food brings the world together man!!

May 11, 2011

The Earth without “art” is just “eh”

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Isn’t it wonderful to wake up in the morning for school, well i did’t experience that joy. I was struck with a deadly influenza virus of the Orthomyxoviridae family (AKA: flu). Since i was not well enough attend school or rich enough to see a private physician, i went to the next best thing. A polyclinic!It was actually my first time to the clinic since my mother would always bring me to a private clinic, i see why now!At first the reception was excellent, nice service and all but when i walked into the waiting room, there were shitloads of people and the waiting was terribly! I checked in at 3:45 and came out at 5:20! Not only that but both young and old were cramped into a single room all diseased and looked like shit!(Although i probably did’t look any better) children were crying and the person next to me kept wiping his nose on his sleeve!(Revolting!). The door and windows were closed and a air conditioner spewing out germ infested air on full blast! It was like nirvana for Bacteria! Honestly, by the time i left the clinic i was more sick than i arrived.Don’t get me wrong i’m not complaining, the service was great and the price was only 6$ but there was really buttloads of sick people. Argh!! it was a horribly experience but on the plus side, i got all the stars on Angry Birds!Yay

The government really did a good job on healthcare but singaporeans always find a reason to complain and boy have they found one! It is always easier and much more fun to point out the flaws in any plan or item. Why can’t we all just stop complaining and enjoy the stuff we already have(you know why we can’t, cause we are all greedy douche-bags!!) .Applications, i really could not survive the polyclinic without insignificant games on my iphone.Cheers to jailbreaking!!! Free apps!!

May 3, 2011


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Now, i may not have extensive experience with kids but my job does expose me do several types of kids,(skating instructor).I have not given much thought about these kids at all during working hours or even during non-working however because of this blog, i am pressured to blog about stuff and i have been thinking more than usual about stuff.This entry is just what i see in different kids,no judgment, no opinions, just merely observations.1 type of kid which i find most enjoyable is the mischievous kind. looking for fun and ways to defy authority, mainly guai lan kids(i don’t know whether [guai] is spelled correctly).I don’t know why but i really find them fun to teach.They are the quickest to make friends and even when they defy authority(Instructors) they really do have good intentions and are just trying to show off to receive praises(Honestly their smile is so bright when you do praise them even when they aren’t really that good).Most simply they just want to have fun.Parent’s are either cool or embarrassed by this kids behavior.Then there are those whom voices are completely taken away from them by their parents.I ask for their name and the parents reply, i ask whats their age and their parents reply!!Also always mothers do this!!!They think answering every question about their child would make them good mothers!I mean it is not bad but the kid is so used to having the parent answer everything including homework that he or she is robbed of their own voice.Parents do want their kids to be in a certain way and i can’t blame them.I’m not in any place to give any parental advice,i mean i have a mohawk!!I can say that even quiet or loud, cute or chubby they are all individuals who are just who they are,despite being a child.i am also amazed by a childs ability to be friends with literally anybody no matter how butt ugly they are!!

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